TLC For Your Wedding Gown

A little TLC for your wedding gown is always important and can go a long way! Gowns can quickly wrinkle and getting out tough stains is never fun. So from the time you take your gown home after that final fitting to the moment you walk down the aisle on your wedding day, make sure to do these 5 things in order to keep your wedding dress in tip top shape. 


  1. Storage + Protection – Make sure to keep your gown in a breathable garment bag to protect it from dust and other accidental stains. Try to allow your dress to hang up as high as possible so the train can hang down. Avoid keeping it in a place where the sun can cause discoloration. 
  2. Transportation – When transporting your gown, make sure to keep it in a garment bag and if space allows, either hang it up or lay it flat on top of other items to prevent it from getting wrinkled quickly.
  3. Sprays + Makeup – Apply any perfumes, hairsprays, or makeup BEFORE you put on your wedding gown. Sprays and makeup can easily stain your gown, so make sure you are very careful with this around your dress.
  4. Use a towel – If you absolutely need to eat in your dress or reapply any makeup, cover your gown with a towel to prevent any accident stains from occurring. Even if it is just a quick touch up, you never know what accidents could happen.
  5. Hire a professional – You will likely have accumulated some natural wrinkles in your gown by the time of your wedding day. Hire a professional to steam + press your gown on your wedding day. They will have the expertise and the professional equipment to assist you. Our JOA team is highly-skilled with handling all types of fabrics and materials, and is available for on-site services.

Take care of your wedding gown, give it a little TLC, and your gown will be ready for your special day! As a professional dressmaking and design studio, we highly recommend booking a professional to steam and press your wedding gown ahead of time. You will be glad you did! It will save you stress on your wedding day and ensure that any tough wrinkles are taken care of. At JOA we have worked with all types of fabrics and designer gowns. With the professionalism of our JOA team and our top quality equipment, your wedding gown will be beautifully cared for. To book our steaming and pressing services email

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