Tuxedos & Suits

At JOA, we often share photos of the work we do on wedding gowns, but we also work on suits and tuxedos! We’ve had many clients pass through our Atelier that we have assisted with creating a custom fit on their suits.

As we often mention with wedding dresses, having that perfect custom-made fit is so important! On your special day you want to look and feel your best. Our bodies are all uniquely shaped so it is quite normal to need to make some subtle or drastic adjustments on your garments. 

Jennifer, owner of JOA, has a vast background in tailoring. She learned from top-notch Hollywood tailors when she was in her 20s. She had the opportunity to work with gentlemen who had decades of experience as tailors and were working for the big stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood. It was through working with these highly skilled tailors that Jennifer began to learn the tips and tricks for tailoring suits and tuxedos.

At JOA, we’ve had a plethora of clients who have needed assistance with their suits. We can take in shoulders, nip in the waist, shorten sleeves, shorten the hems. When working on pants, we can take in the waist, slim the pants, hem the pants, and more. The JOA team is also comfortable working with suits that have working buttonholes on the cuffs. That can usually be quite a difficult skill. You have to shorten the sleeve by taking it up at the shoulder. We have worked on tuxedos that are $3,000+ and custom suits from Italy and Saville Row. Our highly skilled team is comfortable and confident in working on some of the finest garments. 

We are also a LGBTQIA+ friendly business. We are happy to help everyone with their suit fittings. 

We can handle it all! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need assistance with your suit. For all fittings and bookings reach out to admin@jenniferoberg.com. Featured in this blog post are some photos of past clients we have assisted with suits and tuxedos.

Jennifer’s work is exceptional. Magic, really. You can feel her love and passion for her talent and clients in every detail. My wife is really petite, making it really difficult to find clothing that fits well.  After Jennifer worked her magic, Holly felt like the suit was custom made to fit her exactly right. It looked perfect. My dress was one size too big, but I fell in love and purchased it anyway. Jennifer was able to take it in and add the perfect bustle. I felt like I was in a dream. It fit incredible, I felt amazing. She was warm and welcoming, friendly and compassionate. Her work is unmatched and we couldn’t have been happier with how beautifully she pieces together the attire for our special day.”-Danielle


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