It’s time for sewing classes!

Dear Friends,

It’s time for sewing classes!

In thinking and researching how to structure these classes, it’s been important to me to make sure that each student gets as much individualized attention as possible.  I thought about offering private lessons only, however I felt they would end up being too cost-prohibitive.  Then I thought about offering a private lesson/open studio combo, but that meant that students would have to come to the studio twice a week.  And that could be hard for a lot of people, especially parents who are juggling so many schedules.  (I know, I have two busy teens of my own!)

So, I’ve decided to offer both weekly classes in 6-week blocks, AND private lessons.  In the future, I’d like to develop 1-day workshops happening on Saturdays, focusing on a specific project.  And in May, I would LOVE to have a Fashion Show + Sewing Showcase for our students!  I’ll be looking for a location and would love help and ideas from all the students.

Check out the details here ~ Sewing School

Happy Sewing!





  1. Grace Woods says

    Interested in classes for adults.

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