In-Studio Stories: Tea Dyeing

At the Atelier we all love our afternoon tea. It is one of our favorite daily rituals. In the Atelier, we use tea for more than just tea-time. We use it as a way to dye garments in order to reach a desired shade of a color or to match other garments.

Recently, we were working on a wedding gown that needed extensive repair and restyling. The gown was originally a sample gown. It had been severely damaged from being tried on so many times, but the bride loved it and wanted it brought back to life.


The sheer tulle on the back of the dress had been completely shredded.  Fortunately the tulle sleeves were in good condition. We were able to remove the sleeves and carefully take appliques off of the sleeves.  We used the sleeve fabric to remake the back of the dress. Then we needed to find more appliques for the bodice. We found new appliques that matched the ones on the gown, but the only problem was that they were too white. So with one of our favorite tricks, we tea dyed 35 white appliques to reach the perfect shade of color to match the dress. We also used the appliques to make a stunning custom veil for the dress!

Below is a video of Jennifer tea dyeing the appliques with some earl gray tea.



Tea dyeing is a nice solution for matching different shades of white or off–white fabrics together, as well as, naturally dyeing a garment to a more off-white color.  It also works well when we are restyling a vintage gown that has a unique coloration to it. 

Brides-to-be if you come across a sample wedding gown you love that needs some repairs and restyling, don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions. Some people find a gown and think it will be impossible to fix, but you would be surprised at how much can be mended, restyled, and repaired with our highly skilled team of specialists. For all wedding gown related inquiries please contact us at

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