“Don’t be like the rest of them darling.”  Coco Chanel

Fit makes the fashion.  Whether your style is trendy, casual, elegant, preppy, rustic, professional, artsy, bohemian, tomboy, rocker or sporty, Jennifer can tailor your clothes to fit perfectly.

Tailoring is an investment. What clothes are worth it?

  • Professional wear
  • Formal suits
  • Classic well-made pieces
  • Special occasion pieces
  • Pant hems
  • Skirt lengths
  • Your favorite jeans

Tailoring is also great for wonderful pieces you find at excellent consignment shops, or cool vintage clothing handed down to you by Mom. It’s not advisable for cheaply made garments or fast fashion clothing.  Also keep in mind that the cost of alterations depends on what needs to be done, not how much the garment cost.  If you found a terrific garment for a steal, don’t be surprised if the alterations cost nearly as much as the garment.

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