Creating a Sketch of Your Wedding Dress

Brides deciding to go the custom wedding dress route might be entering unfamiliar territory into the creative process. Have no fear though! It is an invigorating and thrilling experience, and your dressmaker will guide you through the entire process. Sometimes brides like to come in with a sketch or design of their ideas before beginning the creative process. It doesn’t matter if you are an incredible drawer, the goal is simply to just get a rough idea of what you are envisioning. If you would like to start creating some dress designs, then here are some tips to help you build your wedding dress sketches:

  • Use a pencil so you can easily make edits + adjustments to your sketch
  • Use a real sized croquis as your base. A croquis is a body template that designers use to sketch over. The traditional croquis are 9-heads long which gives an unrealistic elongated form, if you search for ‘real size croquis’ on google you can find some more realistic body templates. Print out one of these body templates and then use tracing paper to lay over the printed croquis and start creating your dress design on the tracing paper. This will help you get a more realistic and accurate design.
  • Don’t be afraid to get messy and just let your ideas pour out onto the paper
  • If you’re stuck, start simple, decide the silhouette of your dress first (A-line, mermaid, ballgown, sheath, trumpet, etc.), then go towards cut designs, larger details, shape of the bodice, length of train, and more
  • Leave the intricate details for the end
  • Create multiple different sketches, then go back to them and see where ideas overlap, and where you can add in new ideas
  • Once you’ve arrived at a base sketch that you love, make and print multiple copies of this sketch or use another sheet of tracing paper to lay over this sketch. Now you can play with layering the different details; selecting colors, adding embellishments, and more. Giving yourself multiple options and versions is always helpful in creating your dress design
  • Having an idea of fabrics is never a bad idea, but meeting your dressmaker in person and getting to see and feel fabrics will make the decision making process much easier
  • Lastly, don’t worry if your dress sketch isn’t perfect, your dressmaker will help you realize your dream dress and before you know it the design and details will be perfect!

Enjoy creating your sketches and maybe for some brides this is your very first go at creating designs–how exciting!! We hope these tips help you find your creative flow and help you create your dress design. And if this seems completely daunting and intimidating for you, no worries, your dressmaker will collaborate with you to co-create the dress that best suits your aesthetic, personality, and style!


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