Promotions at JOA

At Jennifer Oberg Atelier, we feel incredibly lucky to have such a strong team behind all that we do. In the last year we have grown our studio in immense ways. This in part is due to the wonderful team making all the nuts and bolts of having a sewing and design studio run smoothly and efficiently. We are thankful to have so many talented and highly skilled team members working at the Atelier. And with this, we are thrilled to share three new promotions at JOA: Elaine Gima as Head Seamstress, Sophia Gallegos as First Hand, and Lynne Donaldson as Alterations Specialist. 

These three team members have gone above and beyond in the work they do at the Atelier. We are so honored to have them working for us. We can’t wait to watch them continue to grow in their roles and to see all the richness they continue to add to the Atelier. 

Below our JOA team members with their certificates of promotion:

Elaine Gima holds a long and rich background in designing custom hand painted silk creations on Maui. Her designs under the name “Gima” are cherished by their owners. Her extensive expertise in sewing and design, and her ability to lead with patience and grace has earned her the new role of Head Seamstress.

Sophia Gallegos is an aspiring fashion designer with a strong natural talent. She has been working at JOA for the past year and a half. In this new role as First Hand, Gallegos will be learning more about draping, patternmaking and advanced sewing. She is a senior in high school and will be pursuing fashion design in college.

Lynne Donaldson, a dedicated and loyal team member, has the meticulous eye and attention for detail that the work of an Alteration Specialist demands. She has a wide variety of interests in sewing and design, including custom embroidery and dance costumes. In this new role, Donaldson will continue to hone her skills on wedding gowns, special occasion gowns, and other items.

Quote from Jennifer Oberg, Master Dressmaker & Founder of Jennifer Oberg Atelier: 

I’m so grateful that Elaine Gima, Lynne Donaldson and Sophia Gallegos are part of the JOA team. They are a pleasure to work with, thoughtful, creative, and reliable. They care about doing the best job possible, and enjoy helping our brides and clients look their best. They also care deeply for the community and volunteer their time for The Sewing Hui of Maui.


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