A Q&A with Sophia Gallegos on the Making of Her Paper Dress

We are excited to share a Q&A with our First Hand Sophia Gallegos on the paper dress she created for Hui Holidays at the Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center! Jennifer highly recommended her to the Hui for the annual creation of the paper dress. We love watching Sophia shine with her unique style and design aesthetics. We asked Sophia to share a bit more about her inspiration and process for creating her paper dress. Find out more below…

Q: What was your inspiration for creating this paper dress for Hui Holidays?

A: I wanted to create something magical, so I was influenced by vintage clothing and fairy aesthetics.

Q: What was your artistic process like?

A: I am very messy when it comes to making art. I had a completely different design drawn out when I started but I scrapped it about two days in. I didn’t really have a plan, I basically just started draping the petal skirt and then my idea formed as I kept working. Using the butcher paper was a challenge because it didn’t always do what I wanted it to, so my design had to adapt to the materials I was using. 

Q: How was your experience working on this project?

A: Overall, I really enjoyed constructing this dress. There were some times where I got tired of doing so much detail work, but then I would step back from the dress and be so happy with how it looked that it didn’t matter.

Q: How has working with Jennifer at JOA prepared you for a future career in fashion? 

A: My experience working for Jennifer is incredible because I learn something new every day. I have learned so many technical sewing skills which help me create my own designs at home and show me what’s possible in terms of garment construction. She is also so supportive and generous, for example she helped me get the opportunity to make the paper dress and allowed me to design the Mother Ginger costume for the Nutcracker. I appreciate my job so much because it shows me that my fashion career is not just a dream but a reality.

Q: What are you most excited about for your future in fashion?

A: At the moment, I am really looking forward to college and going to a school where I get to completely focus on learning about fashion. I also want to figure out the exact career path I want to follow, whether it’s to become a fashion designer and have my own line, a stylist for music videos and photo shoots, or a costume designer for film and TV. 

Thank you for sharing Sophia! We can’t wait to continue to watch your artistic voice grow in all of your unique creations. And we look forward to seeing where your passions in fashion will take you in the future. Congratulations on a beautiful creation of your paper dress! If you’d like to see Sophia’s dress in person, it is on display at our studio in Makawao.

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