Our Clients

Our bridal client is the designer of her life. She expresses her own individual uniqueness through the art of fashion and presentation, valuing the highest standards for workmanship that is timeless and to be treasured.  Drawing inspiration from anything and everything that her soul finds beautiful, our client is a unique, independent freethinker, and in love with global and historical views of fashion.

We belong to the fashion house of custom dressmaking.


Custom Dressmaking gives our clients the chance to be creative and have exactly what they want.  We help brides create the wedding gown of their dreams, and women create beautiful clothing for special moments in their lives.

The couture process is a personalized, collaborative effort of co-creation.

You dream. We realize your dreams by focusing on design, the selection of the finest materials,
haute couture sewing techniques and exquisite attention to detail.

Our creations are only made more beautiful
by your gorgeousness radiating from the inside out.

It’s time to shine.

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