Maui Highlights: Photographer Madelynne Lorraine

This week we wanted to highlight Maui-based Photographer Madelynne Lorraine! We asked Madelynne to share a bit about herself and her approach to photography. Find out more below!

We first met her at Kristin and Sven Lindblad’s wedding ceremony at the Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center. If you have been following our blog, you know that Kristin is the bride with the wedding heirloom gown and the peacock cape. You can find the past blog about her dress here. When we met Madelynne, we were so impressed by her style and approach to photography. She has a meticulous eye for capturing the precious little moments of the day. Like a fly on the wall, she sees the world through her camera and knows just when to hit the shutter on her camera.

Madelynne also graciously came to take photos for The Sewing Hui, a community organization directed by Jennifer Oberg. This was another great moment where she really captured the spirit of The Sewing Hui volunteers. Also, we wanted to share that both Madelynne and Jennifer are members of Maui Wedding Creatives, a collective of ‘like-minded wedding creatives aiming to elevate the Maui wedding industry through community, education, transparent business ethics, and client-centered practices. Brides-to-be, be sure to check out MWC for all your wedding vendor needs. 

Find out more about Madelynne and her work in a short Q&A we did with her:

Q: How would you describe your style and aesthetic with your work as a photographer?

A: My aesthetic is classically inspired and timeless. The right mood for the right moment. Light and bright images for playful, fun photos and moody photos for deeply emotional moments. Lighting, posing, composition and editing all play together to tell a story. The imagery should match the mood and tell a deeper story. I’m not one for fads, the only thing I want dating your photos is the fashion and wedding aesthetic! No toning or style changes based on what’s popular at the moment, because true classics never go out of style. I strive for vibrant imagery with true to scene colors as I know many couples put a lot of thought into their color schemes. Final galleries are a feast of visual variety…natural light to creative flash with influences from fashion to photojournalism. I appreciate photography with range.

Q: What is your favorite part about photographing weddings on Maui?

A: My favorite part about photographing weddings on Maui is the light, natural scenery and couples! We have absolutely gorgeous light in Hawaii, unparalleled sunsets and stunning scenery! I never feel I’m lacking inspiration. I love to show off the scenery in my photography, I mean why choose to have a Hawaii wedding if not for the amazing backdrops? The couples that choose Hawaii often do so because they want a more intimate wedding with those that are truly close. A destination wedding cuts out a lot of extras, and usually distills the day to what and who is most important. I also have to shout out the amazing wedding community out here, we have some really talented and heartfelt folks that truly embody community over competition.

Q: Why did you choose Maui as your home for your business?

A: Sometimes I don’t know if I so much chose Maui and it called to me. I moved here on a whim, a call that made no logical sense but felt right. Something was pulling me to take another leap of faith in life (my first being my decision to move to California and attend art school ). I had phenomenal opportunities in Los Angeles, but I think I was searching for a more grounded, heartfelt community. Maui and its people have transformed and challenged me in the best of ways, and I hope to be here for as long as the island will keep me.

Q: What are your favorite moments to capture with your photography?

A: This is a hard question, as one of the reasons I love weddings so much is the diversity it offers! I remember being encouraged to pick a specific photography field during college, to which I always struggled. I loved fashion, photojournalism, landscapes and macro nature work…how was I to choose? I didn’t realize how diverse of a shooter you need to be to photograph weddings until I first tried my hand at it. I instantly fell in love because I get to create imagery influenced by all my favorite styles. I do have a special place in my heart for candid moments, and apparently I’m something of a ninja…popping up at the right moments out of nowhere. It’s something clients have mentioned many times, though I have always been a fan of people watching and searching for the little things that speak to deeper truths.

Q: What drew you towards photography?

A: The ability to transport the viewer. I’ve always felt entranced by photography, ever since I was young. I wanted to experience all the world had to offer and often did so through images. I love how it connects us, and how it can be the link to our memories.

Brides looking for a wedding photographer, we highly recommend her! A wonderful person and a talented photographer. You can follow her work on social media on IG: @madelynnelorraine and FB: @madelynnelorrainephoto or visit her website at

Below are just some of the many beautiful moments she has captured:

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