In-Studio Projects

Often we are sharing all of the beautiful wedding gowns we are working on in the Atelier. Today we wanted to share with you a unique project we have been working on. We were recently commissioned to create custom pajamas and bathrobe for a special staff member at Seabury Hall in Makawao.

We were asked to incorporate the school colors of red and blue, but we also wanted to create a restful design. So we focused on the blues and whites and used accents of reds for the details.  We started with a beautiful luxury bathrobe that we restyled into something new. The fabric of the robe is very thick and cozy to the touch. We added a new collar and cuffs made of a royal blue minky fabric. At the edge of the collar and cuffs we added red piping.  The pajamas are made of soft rayon viscose, very silky and comfortable. We lined the bathrobe with the same fabric of the pajamas so the whole set was coordinated. In theory, the bathrobe could be reversible, too!  Having the right fabric makes all the difference, especially for something like pajamas and bathrobes. You want to be sure to have the coziest fabrics available.

Then, to really personalize this bathrobe and pajama set, we added custom embroidery on the pocket. Our Atelier team member, Lynne, has an amazing embroidery machine and she graciously brought it into the studio for this project. We did several samples to test out different fonts and designs until we finally came up with a design we loved.  It was an embroidered heart on white satin, with the words “Wrapped in Seabury Love” in red to match the red piping.

Here are some photos of the embroidery tests and the final designs of the robe and pajama set…

If you are interested in embroidery, please get in touch with us. We have the equipment for this and are happy to help out with any embroidery needs. Send an email to for any embroidery inquiries.

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