Inside the Process: Draping

A peek into some behind the scenes at the Atelier. Often we are sharing gorgeous photography of the different clients we worked together with and their wedding attire. However, before we arrive at those gorgeous garments and photos there is a whole process that we go through. Today we want to share with you the early stages of the dressmaking process.

Here we have the Bride Kelsey we recently worked together with. These are images from when we first started making the muslin for her wedding gown. Usually when you create a wedding gown, you want to create a sample out of muslin first. The reason we do this is to make sure the size and fit is right before cutting up the final fabric. 

Master Dressmaker Jennifer was mentoring Sophia in the draping method process. Jennifer was teaching Sophia how to drape a gown from scratch. This involved taking careful and precise measurements of the bride, sizing the dress form to her size, and then draping the muslin on the form. It is almost like making a sculpture!

Below you can see more details of this process…

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