jennifer Oberg Denver AlterationsThe Craft of Alterations

Beauty through superb workmanship and excellent fit.   In our personalized and intimate process, we offer our brides an enchanting experience through the steps of fitting and alteration.

Proper fit makes a bride look beautiful… and it is incredibly fulfilling to me to make her look as lovely on the outside as she is on the inside.  Whether it is a new gown that needs alterations or a vintage gown that needs restyling, I love to help the bride’s grace and beauty shine through.” ~ Jennifer




The first step is to schedule an appointment!  You may call us at 808-757-5915 or send us an email at  Schedule your first fitting appointment as early as possible to be sure your wedding gown gets into our queue, and we have plenty of time for alterations.  It may also save you a lot of last minute stress.  The final weeks before your wedding may be very busy for you, so cross the wedding gown alterations off your list early.  That being said, some brides want to lose weight before the wedding and need to have their gown fitted in those last few weeks.  If that is you, we will do our best to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.  Family and friends are welcome to join you at your fittings!



Our first meeting will be a 10-15 minute consultation, where you will try on your wedding gown.  Please bring in your shoes and undergarments. We will take a look to see what alterations need to be done, and prepare a quote for you.  If you don’t have your shoes and undergarments yet, please bring in something that is close to what you will be wearing. If you aren’t sure what undergarments to wear, we will offer suggestions. We will go over your gown and discuss what needs to be done. We will talk about bustles, and how jewelry may affect alterations decisions.  If you are bringing in a vintage gown to be restyled, we will go over various design ideas.  After we give you a quote, and if you wish to move forward, then we start pinning the dress, marking the alterations. Then we will schedule further fittings!



Alterations can be complex, especially on wedding gowns and special occasion dresses. Certain fabrics are very delicate and need to be handled gently, and it’s important to us to work through the process carefully. We schedule a next fitting to have you return and try on your gown or garment while it is in the middle of the alteration process.  We check the fit, adjust as needed, and determine if we can finish the work, or if we need another fitting. Complex gowns will need 4-6 fittings. Simpler gowns may just need 2-3 fittings and are ready to be finished.  If additional fittings are needed, we go ahead and schedule them at a time that is convenient for you.



Our final fitting is very important. This is when you try on your wedding gown for the last time, making sure that everything is perfect and exactly how you want it to be.  We love the final fitting – it’s the full transformation and we love to see the happy look on the bride’s face when it’s all done!

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