Mālama Maui Nui’s Art of Trash 2021: Featuring Sophia Gallegos

Our Sewing Assistant Sophia Gallegos participated in Mālama Maui Nui’s Art of Trash Virtual Trashion Show this year! She received ‘Honorable Mention’ for her fabulous College Junk Mail Paper Dress. We chatted more with Sophia to share some background about her outfit, her inspirations, and her reflections. The virtual event runs from April 3rd through the 30th via malamamauinui.org/ArtOfTrash. Check it out to see all of the other trashion outfits and vote for your favorite one!


Q: What was your trash art created out of?

A: I made my trash dress out of all of the college junk mail I received. I had a huge stack of it and I didn’t want all of the paper to just be thrown away so I used it to make a dress.

Q: What was your inspiration for creating your trash dress?

A: I had a design for a dress in my head that I wanted to make out of fabric but I didn’t really have the time to actually create it so I just did it out of paper.

Q: How did you go about creating this dress?

A: I basically just stapled everything together and the ruffles on the sleeves were definitely the most time consuming because they were like little paper pleats that each had to be stapled on in a row over the shoulder. I started with the bodice though, to make sure I got the fit right and then then the skirt was just a lot of accordion folds.

Q: Did this trash art fashion show inspire any future projects for you?

A: Yes! It’s so much fun to make dresses out of paper because it takes way less time than the actual thing and I already have more ideas, but I’m not sure if they will become reality or not.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

A: I made this dress when I was bored and because I didn’t want to waste trees, but I think it’s important to mention that recycling is an easy way to help the planet and one of those things that’s not a huge lifestyle change so I would encourage people to recycle and be a bit more aware of what they buy and what kind of trash it will leave behind. 

Thank you so much Sophia for sharing more about your paper dress with us! We can’t wait to see what other trash art you create in the future! And we hope this inspires others to be more environmentally-conscious about their trash and purchases. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the trash art at malamamauinui.org/ArtOfTrash and cast your vote for your favorite art piece and trash outfit!

Link to Virtual Trashion Show Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbqp7dY0d3s&t=152s 

Link to Sophia Gallegos Dress – https://www.malamamauinui.org/artoftrash-276951-252496-978123-421526-135714-681980-486088.html 

Link to vote – https://www.malamamauinui.org/artoftrash.html

Sophia on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/fierce_fashuhn/

Discovering Your Style

Have you ever wondered what type of style you have? Or maybe you just feel like you don’t have a style? For some, personal style comes easy and naturally. There is an intuitive trust to follow what speaks to one’s creative heart. But to others, clothing is more practical and perhaps clothes are more about functionality not necessarily creative expression.

Discovering your unique style is another outlet to let your personality shine through every inch of your being. Once you begin experimenting with what aesthetics make your heart sing, you will find the pure joy and playfulness in creating an outfit each day. As we get older, we forget to play, we can take life too seriously and forget the fun that can exist in the most mundane tasks. Getting dressed in the morning can be a task of creating, painting, coloring your outfit for the day. Finding what speaks to you; what combination of fabrics, shapes, patterns do you want to merge, what vibe do you want to portray, who are you today?

If you don’t know where to start or you want to explore your style further, then you are in the right place. Here are some of our top tips for discovering your unique style and continuing to explore it:

    • Re-discover your own wardrobe – when we are in a rush in the mornings we often just grab a ‘go-to’ outfit or something simple. Set aside an afternoon to just revisit your clothes and PLAY! Put garments you have never put together before, combine colors and patterns, layer your clothes, or just randomly put together a few outfits. When you find some outfits you love, then take a picture of it so you can remember it for the future.
    • Create a Pinterest board you can search endlessly on Pinterest for different fashion styles and ideas. The best part is that pinterest will start to give you suggestions for your board. Start to build a collection of images that inspire you, maybe its a particular aesthetic, or maybe it is multiple aesthetics and styles. This is great! You are building your own style.
    • Be bold – don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. As you become more comfortable with your style, you will begin to feel more brave and bold in your choices. Challenge the current trends and norms of fashion. For all you know, you may be starting the next fashion trend!
    • Thrifting! visit a secondhand store for even more fashion inspiration. Finding some vintage clothing is always a great way to revive your style and find some very unique pieces. 
    • Repeat & Restyle If there are garments you adore, then great! Repeat! Wear these again, but find a way to restyle it! What else can you pair your favorite pants with? Can you create an entirely different aesthetic with a different top paired? 

We hope this empowers you to explore your own personal style further! And for even more fashion inspiration, tune in to our social media accounts every other Friday to catch our Studio Style Day. Our Sewing Assistants Sophia, Lisa and Elaine model their style and share their favorite outfits. Catch their previous outfits on our Facebook and Instagram! 

Meet our Sewing Assistant: Sophia

We have a wonderfully talented sewing assistant, Sophia Gallegos. The world needs to know about her because this young woman is going places! Sophia is currently a student in high school who loves all things fashion and design. She sews at the Atelier two days a week and you will be sure to see her in one of her very stylish outfits. We are so excited to share a bit more about Sophia and her inspirations, future goals and visions. ALSO, we will be having a ‘Sophia Style Day’ once a week on our social media accounts to show off her incredible outfits! Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram because you won’t want to miss these outfits!

Q: How did you get interested in Fashion? 

Ever since I was very little I’ve loved to dress up and put on crazy outfits (mostly princess and fairy dresses of course) so I guess my interest in fashion has always been there. When I was in 8th grade I did a school project where I basically got to do something that I was interested in, so I made clothes. It was like a whole mini collection and it made me so happy, so after that Ive been in love with making my own clothes and improving my style.

Q: Can you share a bit about your personal style? What are your inspirations? How do you put together your outfits?

Most of my outfits consist of thrifted clothing, things I buy on Depop, hand me down items or things that I make. I luv thrifting because everything is one of a kind and u r bound to find some funky things, and it’s better for the environment. 

I am really inspired by fashion designers who are pushing the boundaries of fashion and art like Iris Van Herpin and Didu as well as young artists on Instagram who make clothes or jewelry that is very colorful and unique like @petri_kitsch or @klobyklo. 

When I put together my outfits I always pay attention to color, sometimes i like to match all the colors in my outfits but sometimes contrast can be rly nice as well. I also get bored easily so I like to try out a lot of different styles and looks. Accessories are EVERYTHING and since I have a lot of them it’s so easy to spice up any outfit and they are the most fun thing to pick out! Fashion is such a blessing for me because I use it as an opportunity because every morning I sort of get to decide who I am going to be using my style choices.

Q:  What do you hope to be doing in the future? What are your goals with design and fashion?

I would love to be a fashion designer and hopefully have a small line of clothing:)

Q: Are you working on any design projects now? Can you share a bit about your current project?

Lately I’ve been very focused on creating things for my Halloween costume. I am going to be a fairy so I made some painted wings and added some little dangly beads which hang off the wing tips for an extra flourish. I’ve also been very interested in jewelry lately, mostly funky and colorful almost childish looking pieces, so I made a necklace to go with my costume as well. It’s very pink and has little butterflies and hearts on it to give it that fairy aesthetic.


Thank you Sophia!! We can’t wait to see where your future takes you! Until then, catch Sophia and her unique outfits every Friday on our Facebook and Instagram! Follow us at @jenniferobergatelier 🙂