Time to bustle a wedding gown!  Every gown is different, and there are so many ways to go about it.

Why bustle a wedding dress?  To get the train off the ground for the reception so the bride can dance and no one will step on the gown.  This gown will have a 3-point English bustle on the outside of the dress.

Start with the lining.  The lining bustle will be separate from the lace overlay bustle.

A 1-point bustle for the lining, using a heavy-weight hook and button.

Then, for the lace overdress… a 3-point bustle.  Sew three buttons onto the right spots.

Then make three loops to match the buttons.  This photo shows the back side of the dress.  The loop is secured with an extra piece of netting and a flat button.

On the outside of the dress, you see the clear loop, with a small bead on it in order to help the bridesmaids find it easier.  My goodness, I need a manicure!  The hands of a dressmaker…!

Then, the loop goes over the button on the outside of the dress.

Voilà!  A bustle!  Now the bride can dance the night away!


  1. Where do you purchase these clear loops? The crochet thread that I purchase doesn’t always match the gown.

  2. Julie Smith says

    I love this bustle! Thank you for spending the time to show it so well. I always think of it after I’ve sent the dress out the door. Question: did you bring the 2 side points up first then bring up the center? Where did you put the loops on the train? Thanks again!!

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