Beautiful Gowns on a Budget

When Brides begin the unforgettable journey of discovering their dream dress, they may start searching online, through magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, or wedding blogs to get some inspiration and ideas. Often if you follow the links to find the price of these dresses you’re hit with a weighty and shocking price tag. And maybe the bridal shop you go in to for a fitting has a dress you fall in love with that is way out of your wedding budget. These prices can make you feel discouraged about searching further at some of the brands’ and designers’ shops you adore. BUT we have a secret for you!

Before you shut out any of these shops and designers, ask them about sample sales. Sample sales are a wonderful way to get a beautifully designed dress on a budget. Sample dresses are the gowns the brides try on at the store but these gowns are never actually for sale. At the end of a season or when new dresses come in, the bridal shops will have a sample sale where they sell all of these dresses for a significantly reduced price. Sometimes these dresses are up to 70% off! If you don’t mind knowing other brides tried these gowns on a few times then it is an absolute steal. 

So Brides to be, don’t get discouraged about pricey wedding gowns, instead call up your local bridal shops and boutiques of your favorite designers. Ask these shops if they have sample sales and find out when they usually have them to give yourself a timeline. It could be that the dress you have always wanted is suddenly for sale and at a price that fits your wedding budget just right!

We recently had a client come in for bridal alterations on her wedding gown she found at a sample sale. Our Sewing Assistant Sophia is cutting 4 layers of the tulle skirt on the wedding gown. A gorgeous gown bought at an affordable price. It is absolutely possible to find a beautiful gown with an affordable price.

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