Real Weddings: Kelsey

We worked together with Bride Kelsey on a custom wedding gown. Kelsey had a beautiful wedding on June 26, 2021. We have many gorgeous photos to share from Kelsey’s wedding day. All of the photography was captured by the talented Amber Caires, you can follow her on instagram @ambervisionphoto. Have a peek into this special day….

Kelsey’s custom wedding gown has 12 yards of luxurious 4-ply silk crêpe on the outer layer. The lining is made from 12 yards of dreamy-to-wear silk charmeuse. The gown has a darling detail of a ½ inch embroidered lace around the waist. We also created a 3-point English Pick-up Bustle for her gown.

A sweet testimonial from Kelsey:

“Jennifer and her entire team were a total dream to work with. After a few crises at other places, I was dress-less just two months before my wedding. I went to Jennifer with my concept and she created my dress from scratch! She has an expert eye for detail and was also very conscious of costs in materials, which I really appreciated. I was prepared for a high-stress experience so close to the wedding date, but Jennifer and her team were so sweet, smooth, and enjoyable to work with! Not a second of stress and I have nothing but gratitude for everyone over there. I truly can’t recommend them enough.” – Kelsey S

It was an absolute pleasure working together with Kelsey. The custom wedding gown process is a very unique and memorable experience. We love the relationships that are created with our clients during this creative process. Get in touch for any custom wedding gown inquiries at

Embassy Ballgown Recreation Series – Part 1

Kendall Jenner’s dress at the Met Gala has us reminiscing on the time we recreated Audrey Hepburn’s iconic Embassy Ballgown from the 1964 film My Fair Lady. This is one of our more adventurous, exciting, mysterious, and elaborate dressmaking stories that we just have to share with you! Due to the length of the process of this recreation, we are devoting a short blog series in order to share all of the juicy details from this dressmaking tale.

A few years ago, Bride Lorri from Austin, Texas, reached out to us about recreating Audrey Hepburn’s Embassy Ballgown from My Fair Lady for her wedding on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.  It had been her dream as a girl to have this dress for her wedding gown.  Her fiance Michael searched online to find the best dressmaker for the job, and came across our website.  We were blown away that they reached out to us, all the way on Maui!  But it was the perfect match. Jennifer had spent years working in professional costume shops in theatre and Hollywood before coming to Maui, so she had the connections to find out as much as possible about the gown.  And of course, she is a master dressmaker.  Sometimes when a person wishes to recreate a piece they’ve seen in a film before, the finished product might appear “costumey”.  But with Jennifer’s extensive background, she was able to make the dress into a true couture gown worthy of a beautiful wedding in Italy.

After discussing with the bride about the vision and details of this wedding gown recreation, Jennifer immediately dived into the long process of researching and investigating this famous beaded gown. And this next part of the story is where the mystery and searching began! But this is to be continued in part two of the series. For now, check out the photos below of Kendall Jenner’s Met Gala gown, Audrey Hepburn’s Embassy Ballgown, and the Bride Lorri’s wedding gown. 

Kendall Jenner at the Met Gala

Audrey Hepburn’s Embassy Ballgown in ‘My Fair Lady’

Dressmaker Jennifer Oberg with Bride Lorri

Lorri and Michael on their wedding day

Bride Lorri in her wedding gown

Real Weddings: Jada & Kurt

Jada and Kurt were scheduled to get married on June 1, 2020 at the Hui No’eau Arts Center on Maui. They had to reschedule their wedding for a year later, and they tied the knot on June 1, 2021! Congratulations to this gorgeous couple! And brava to all the couples finding ways to make their weddings work amidst the pandemic. We are happy to see our clients finding safe ways to tie the knot. 

We worked together with Jada and Kurt on alterations for their wedding clothes. We always enjoy working together with both the Bride and Groom. 

We altered Jada’s gorgeous beaded gown. We love working with beaded dresses. Check out our last blog about working with beaded gowns here. For Jada’s gown, we lengthened the straps, and made them cross in the back to provide more support over the shoulder.  We took the dress in around the bust and took the zipper in on the back.  We also hemmed the dress, a very nice and meditative process when it comes to working with the intricacy of beaded gowns. The beading was delicate and lovely and we enjoyed putting our heart and soul into the process.  

For Kurt’s wedding clothes, we tailored his shirt so that it fit better through the body.  We find that many men’s shirts fit through the shoulders and are too full in the waist area. This means you end up with a lot of bulky fabric to tuck into the pants.  So streamlining the fit makes a better look overall. We also hemmed his pants.  

We love working on both the bride and groom’s clothing! Get in touch if you and your partner need wedding attire alterations, we would love to work together with you!

All About Bustles: The Folded Fan Bustle

Next up in our bustle series is The Folded Fan Bustle. A very fun bustle to accentuate the curves of the silhouette. The shape of the bustle compliments gowns that are more fitted at the hips and bodice. We adored working with this bride on her gorgeous wedding gown. 

The idea behind this type of bustle is that the bustle points create a folded fan-like look. This particular gown we worked on had so many gorgeous details on the center back, from elegant buttons, lace, and intricate embroidery. We wanted to maintain all of these beautiful details when we created the bustle. 

We added clear snaps on the undersides of the center back “fan” to snap that fan into place when the bustle is all buttoned up. The center fan stays open in place so everyone can see all of the beauty and articulate detail of the back. At JOA, we love finding unique solutions for each bride we work together with. From bustles, to custom wedding gowns, to wedding gown restyles, we are always finding creative approaches that are personally curated to each client.

Inside the Process: Fabrics

Fabric shopping!! Probably one of my favorite things is visiting the incredible Mood Fabric store in Los Angeles and wandering through all of the aisles. As you may know, being able to see and feel a fabric in-person makes all the difference. I love when I get the chance to make a trip to California and gather some unique fabric for our JOA clients.

For my most recent trip, I was searching for beautiful beaded fabrics for a very special gown we are designing at the Atelier. Here are some of the gorgeous beaded fabrics I stumbled upon…

And then I was also very inspired by the feathers, beautiful buttons, boucle fabrics, silks, trims, and more!! Check them out below.


Mood Fabrics is a designer’s paradise! I can’t wait to share with you the dress we are designing with some of these fabrics. Stay tuned for a peek into this gown soon!

All About Bustles: The Belle Bustle

Continuing our All About Bustle Series, we have a very unique bustle to share with you. We call it the Belle Bustle. 

The Bride we worked together with wanted her dress to be long in order to pair nicely with her four inch heels. However, she also wanted to be able to kick off her shoes for the reception and not have to worry about stepping on her dress. 

So we got creative and created a bustle that gave the Bride the flexibility to dance and be able to wear her styling heels. Normally bustles are pinned up in the back and hold up the long train. We ended up creating a bustle that had bustle points in the back and the front. This made the length of the dress shorter so that when the Bride kicked off her high heels, she could dance the night away. 

Visit our past All About Bustles blogs for more bustle inspiration and to learn more about the infinite bustle possibilities out there. If you’d like JOA to assist you with your bustling and bridal alterations, get in touch at to book your appointment.

Inside the Process: Draping

A peek into some behind the scenes at the Atelier. Often we are sharing gorgeous photography of the different clients we worked together with and their wedding attire. However, before we arrive at those gorgeous garments and photos there is a whole process that we go through. Today we want to share with you the early stages of the dressmaking process.

Here we have the Bride Kelsey we recently worked together with. These are images from when we first started making the muslin for her wedding gown. Usually when you create a wedding gown, you want to create a sample out of muslin first. The reason we do this is to make sure the size and fit is right before cutting up the final fabric. 

Master Dressmaker Jennifer was mentoring Sophia in the draping method process. Jennifer was teaching Sophia how to drape a gown from scratch. This involved taking careful and precise measurements of the bride, sizing the dress form to her size, and then draping the muslin on the form. It is almost like making a sculpture!

Below you can see more details of this process…

Restyling: Necklines and Sleeves

We love to share images of the process of restyling gowns. It can be really helpful for our clients to see the many possibilities available in restyling a gown. Here we wanted to show you the way we transformed the neckline and sleeves on our client’s gown to fit her style. 

The bride we worked with wanted a modest neckline and sleeves added to her dress. We started by taking muslin and filling in the front and back to create a new neckline that was more comfortable for her.

Next, we created a mockup of a sleeve to be added to her dress.

Then, we started working on filling in the front and back with lace that matched the dress.

We kept working on the dress to make it blend in so that the final neckline looked like it had always been part of the dress.

And voilà! We have a gown restyle aligned to the Bride’s style and vision. For any gown restyle inquiries get in touch with Jennifer at

All About Bustles: 17-Point Ballroom Bustle

Next up in our All About Bustles Series is a 17-Point Ballroom Bustle. The Ballroom Bustle is not just meant for gowns with fuller skirts, though that may be your initial go-to for this type of bustle. Sheath silhouette wedding gowns look beautiful with a ballroom bustle as it maintains the clean and elegant draping of the fabric on the gown. 

The Ballroom Bustle hides the bustle altogether. The bustle points for this type of bustle are created underneath the skirt, so they are completely out of sight. It’s as if you’ve entirely changed gowns when you have a Ballroom style bustle. The wedding gown can have a long beautiful train and then with several bustle points to secure the fabric, the train can completely vanish and you have a gown that is ready for the reception.

A past bride we worked with, Rana, had this gorgeous wedding gown with sheer mesh covering the torso, an elaborate beaded design near the hips, and an elegant skirt that draped down to the floor. She got her gown at Kleinfeld in New York City. The train for this gown was quite long. When we created the Ballroom Bustle we needed to create 17 bustle points in order to securely fasten the fabric to the inside of the skirt. We were honored to do alterations and create this amazing ballroom bustle for such a gorgeous gown!

If you want to learn more about other types of bustles. Check out our past All About Bustle blogs. And if you’d like JOA to assist you with your bridal alterations and bustle, then please get in touch at

In-Studio Stories

Here is our new blog series where we will share some mini in-studio stories from our clients and happenings at the Atelier. We want to give you a window into the current projects and stories popping up!

To start the series is a client we worked together with from California. Bride Jen came to us with a last minute emergency hem on her beautiful beaded wedding gown. We were so thrilled to be able to help her for her special day. Sewing Assistant Lynne did a wonderful job with all of the intricate beadwork. 

Jen and her fiancée got married at the Sacred Garden in Haiku with the precious Eve Hogan officiating. Mahalo to our friend Terry at Elly’s Bridal in Kihei for referring Jen to us!