A New Wave of Elopers

The pandemic has brought on a new wave of eloping couples. Many brides and grooms with large weddings decided to go forward with elopements. Prior to the pandemic, adventure and destination elopements were becoming more and more popular. Now, frankly they are the safest option with the unpredictability of the pandemic, and they might have always been the most romantic. 

Though having family and friends to celebrate these milestones in our lives is always so special, for this particular moment, sometimes it is even more important to truly devote this day solely to your partner for life. Your wedding day is a rite of passage into this next chapter of your life alongside your partner. Elopements offer a total immersion into the deep, unconditional love of you and your partner on your wedding day. 

For local brides and destination brides, Maui is an awe-inspiring island filled with the most beautiful and magical places. There are so many gorgeous spots waiting to be explored! In the chaos of the wedding day, prepping, planning, following the day(s) of events, there isn’t much time to truly indulge in the moment and take in all that Maui has to offer. When you choose to elope on Maui, the island becomes your oyster and there is much more space to enjoy Maui’s beauty in your own rhythm and time. 

Why elope?

  • It is usually much more affordable (depending on your destination of choice)
  • It is significantly more romantic and intimate
  • Your love is united with a day truly devoted to your love for each other
  • Your elopement will most certainly be a day long remembered
  • There is more flexibility in terms of dates, planning, and locations
  • It is a thrilling adventure 

Why elope on Maui?

  • There is endless beauty in every corner of this island
  • There are numerous professional elopement planners 
  • You will find incredible elopement photographers ready to capture your special moments
  • Being a hot-spot for destination weddings, Maui has a surplus of wedding vendors ready to assist with wedding attire, floral arrangements, hair, and more. (Check out mauiweddingcreatives.com for various vendors)
  • It will be a true and unforgettable adventure
  • People don’t say Maui is magic for nothing
  • Maui offers the opportunity to elope and honeymoon all in one place

This past year we have had the opportunity to work with several Brides that had planned elopements. Below is a picture of Bride Hayden with her husband and Bride Priscilla with her husband on their elopement adventures. Local and destination brides, send us a message if you are in need of an Alterations Specialist or Dressmaker for your wedding attire. Email love@jenniferoberg.com. Happy eloping!

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