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A Wine Red Custom Wedding Gown, Part B

Following our Part A blog where we shared the adventurous process of creating the wine red custom wedding gown, here is a little behind the scenes into the magical and romantic wedding day of Danelle and Andrew.

Since the beginning of creating Danelle’s custom wedding gown, the color of the dress was always meant to be kept a secret from Andrew. She wanted to surprise him when she walked down the aisle in her wine red wedding gown. She even hung up a mock white wedding dress in her closet to convince Andrew the dress was in fact a classic white. But this wasn’t the only surprise on her wedding day!

Danelle had previously decided she wanted to wear tennis shoes so that she could run down the aisle to Andrew.  That was her second surprise.  And in tennis shoes she would be comfortable during the entire wedding and could easily dance the night away. She was a bit worried about her dress not being fluffed up just right before going down the aisle. Jennifer agreed to be her designated “fluffer” and make sure her dress was just perfect. Danelle joyfully sprinted down the aisle, a fiery dash of tulle gliding past friends, family, and loved ones as she ran to meet the love of her life. 

There was Danelle and Andrew standing at the edge of the infinity pool that dropped off to overlook the Maui valley and the breathtaking West Maui Mountains. The sun slowly setting, accentuating this already sublime moment of the wedding. This wedding was straight out of a fairytale, love radiated from every moment, every corner. 

Later, Danelle and Andrew snuck up to the rooftop and took some unreal photos capturing this very special day. Just a small window into some of the many beautiful moments of this wedding day. 

Here are some sweet words from Bride Danelle:

I am so thankful I put value in having a custom experience. In the beginning my fiancé said if you decide to spend the money and go this route, I don’t want to bring up the money again. This was so helpful in living the experience without unnecessary negative emotions, I could purely enjoy the customization process. During fittings I was heart warmed to realize the dress needed to be adjusted or problem solved, never something about my body that needed changing. I went through all of the fitting feeling completely perfect with my body the way it is. Jennifer and her team gave the dress so much attention. She is so creative, skillful and clever with her process. On my last fitting, I told everyone I was going to be on the beautiful bride list. At 51, that felt so good to be able to say. This is because of Jennifer and her team. I had complete trust in the process. In addition, Jennifer made herself available pre wedding and during the reception that put another connection of care and love into the life of the dress. I am grateful to have these memories as a bride.

Wedding Vendors

Piano: Absalon Figueroa

Officiant: Crissy Kapoor

Bride: Danelle Watson

Groom: Andrew Keenan

Ring Bearers: Connor and Maxwell Watson

Flower Girl: Fiona Watson

Flowers: Bella Bloom @bellabloommaui 

Photographer: Clarissa Hempel @ponophotomaui 

Videographer: Todd Perkins 

Mother and Father of the Bride: Dennis and Theresa Brust

Band: Crazy Fingers 

Red Roses ordered from Maui Floral

Catering: La Pinatas

Cake: Jacqueline Perry

Wedding Planner: Cindy Eiting

Dress: Jennifer Oberg

Make up and Hair: Heather Ellison

Decorations Leader: Nani Cabanting

Decorating: Dear Friends

Tables and Chairs: Let’s Entertain

Floor Painting: Polina Marian

Shuttle driver: Taryn Bernabe

Parking: Ben and Todd Keenan

Event building: Andrew Keenan

Congratulations to Danelle and Andrew on their wedding! We wish you a lifetime of joy and love! Brides-to-be wishing to enter the custom wedding gown process, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to work together with you. Email Jennifer at for all inquiries.