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At the Atelier, we have had the pleasure of assisting numerous pageant teens and girls in their dresses for their events! We love getting to meet these passionate teens as they pursue what they love! 

Photography by Casey Shoots

Over the last few years we have had the pleasure of working together with Noelle Lo, Miss Valley Isle Teen USA in 2019, and with Noelani DeNisi, who recently won Miss Maui Teen USA! We wanted to share some of these gorgeous gowns we worked on  and then some words from Noelle  about why she is so passionate about pageants. Photos featured are of Noelle Lo.

photography by Logan Tsukiyama

Some beautiful words by Noelle Lo on pageants: 

As a young girl who always loved making a change I aspired to have a platform. In a world full of keiki searching for a voice I wanted to be that inspiration for them. I decided to join pageantry, not for the crown, but because it was a way to put myself and my platform out to the world. The beauty of pageantry is that young wahine are able to speak upon different issues and platforms. Not only do we get to use our voices but we are able to look our best doing it. Pageants allow one to showcase their personality in a multitude of different ways. Our gowns just give us a boost of confidence when we speak to the world on what we want to do to create change. To some it may be a “beauty competition” but to me it is an opportunity for wahine to shine and inspire!

We love seeing these teens share their voices and shine their light to the community! We are so proud of you and the work you both are doing! Mahalo nui loa Noelle and Noelani!