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Real Weddings: Bride Miri

Here we are, sharing another past bride JOA worked together with. Bride Miri had a beautiful wedding on February 26, 2022. Here are some gorgeous photos from her special day.

The JOA team assisted Bride Miri with wedding gown alterations. This was a special case as Miri was pregnant and was not sure how large she would be close to her wedding day. We helped her with last minute alterations to make sure her gown had the right fit before her wedding. 

Some sweet words from Bride Miri:

Jennifer was a great help. I had a unique situation because I was pregnant and couldn’t plan how large I would be- so getting last minute alterations before the wedding was an adventure. However, she made it happen and the dress was everything I dreamed it would be ! Thanks for being a part of our magical evening.” – Miri

Brides-to-be don’t hesitate to reach out to us with unique alteration circumstances. We are always ready and available to handle all types of alteration situations. Email for all wedding-related inquiries.

Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Robyn Penn @poppetpenn

Florals/Event Coordination: Wyatt Piro @___opia

Dress Alterations: Jennifer Oberg Atelier @jenniferobergatelier 

Cake: Cyrus Baking Co @cyrusbakingco

Pie: Roark & Rye @roarkandrye

Locally grown flowers: @harvestdreamgirl @peoplewhotalktoppants @kellydayflowers @lauren_michellemarchand

Charceuterie: Amanda Leipuanani Robson @feasthawaii

Dinner: Maui Cones @mauicones

In-Studio Stories: Tea Dyeing

At the Atelier we all love our afternoon tea. It is one of our favorite daily rituals. In the Atelier, we use tea for more than just tea-time. We use it as a way to dye garments in order to reach a desired shade of a color or to match other garments.

Recently, we were working on a wedding gown that needed extensive repair and restyling. The gown was originally a sample gown. It had been severely damaged from being tried on so many times, but the bride loved it and wanted it brought back to life.


The sheer tulle on the back of the dress had been completely shredded.  Fortunately the tulle sleeves were in good condition. We were able to remove the sleeves and carefully take appliques off of the sleeves.  We used the sleeve fabric to remake the back of the dress. Then we needed to find more appliques for the bodice. We found new appliques that matched the ones on the gown, but the only problem was that they were too white. So with one of our favorite tricks, we tea dyed 35 white appliques to reach the perfect shade of color to match the dress. We also used the appliques to make a stunning custom veil for the dress!

Below is a video of Jennifer tea dyeing the appliques with some earl gray tea.



Tea dyeing is a nice solution for matching different shades of white or off–white fabrics together, as well as, naturally dyeing a garment to a more off-white color.  It also works well when we are restyling a vintage gown that has a unique coloration to it. 

Brides-to-be if you come across a sample wedding gown you love that needs some repairs and restyling, don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions. Some people find a gown and think it will be impossible to fix, but you would be surprised at how much can be mended, restyled, and repaired with our highly skilled team of specialists. For all wedding gown related inquiries please contact us at

Real Weddings: Bride Violet

We love highlighting the past brides we have worked together with! This week we want to feature Bride Violet who had a beautiful wedding on May 14, 2022 at Prince William Forest Park. What a dreamy wedding nestled in the forest! 

Our wedding day was beautiful. There was a lightness in the air, and a sweetness to every moment. The few weeks prior to the wedding were very full of finishing details and we were both a bit nervous that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the special day… but time slowed down for us. The predicted rain held off for us. And committing to each other that day was full of life and joy! “ – Bride Violet

The JOA team assisted Violet with alterations for her wedding gown. Her dress was a size too big so we altered the gown to get it to be the right fit for Violet. We love getting to see the transformation of a wedding gown when we work together with brides. It is amazing how much you can change a dress with the right alterations, special tricks, and an incredibly skilled team of sewists.

We are so thankful for the people that helped make it happen, and want to highlight Jennifer Oberg Atelier for going above and beyond to make my dress fit me. It was a dress that the company discontinued, so the only size I could find was too big, but she worked her magic and helped make my wedding dress dreams come true! I would recommend her and her team 100%. She cares about the details, and I felt heard and understood throughout the whole process. Thank you, Jennifer, for helping me feel beautiful on my wedding day!”  – Bride Violet


Below are more photos taken by Emma J Harling (@emmajharling) of Bride Violet’s wedding.


In-Studio Stories: Fancy Dress Day!

We have too much fun in the Atelier! We had to share one of our fancy dress days with you. Occasionally we choose a day in the week to get dressed up in our favorite outfits. It is so fun to dress your best on what could be just another day. 


Here is Jennifer, Lynne, Sophia, Micah, Patty, and Elaine dressed for fancy dress day.

Jennifer is wearing her own design made with chiffon fabric from Mood in LA. Lynne is wearing a plum sequin gown for dancing when she goes on cruises.  Sophia is wearing a Marilyn Monroe inspired gown that she purchased from Makawao Union Church’s thrift store for $8.  Micah is wearing his favorite mango colored jacket with one of Elaine’s hand-dyed scarves. Patty is wearing a ruched stretch black gown that is perfect for attending formal weddings.  Elaine is wearing her own design made with her hand-dyed silk, and a stunning beaded necklace.

Our team is so creative and unique. We love the different styles, creations, and aesthetics everyone shares in the studio! We are all about finding and experimenting with your personal style.

Check out some more photos from our fancy dress day below…