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A story behind the gown

Behind every wedding gown is an eventful story. The beautiful bride, Katherine Conyers, pictured above had quite the transformation and adventure with this Matthew Christopher gown. 

It is hard to imagine, but this dress started out as a size 12 and then we took it to a size 2! After our last fitting we had every detail of the dress in perfect place, ready for the big wedding day. Katherine looked gorgeous in her dress!

I was on a vacation in France, when I got a message from Katherine panicking about having issues with her dress. A week before her wedding day, her dress had come back from the cleaner with a ripple on the butt, shrunken, and it wouldn’t zip! I called Katherine from Paris, and talked her through each issue. I scheduled someone I knew in Colorado to do new alterations for the dress right away. Before we knew it, it was as good as new and ready to go! Talk about wedding scares! This dress had quite the adventure!

Some kinds words from Katherine herself:

Jen was INCREDIBLE to say the least. She was able to flawlessly take my dress from a size 12 to a size 2. It was a very tricky puzzle for her and she embraced the massive challenge! She went above and beyond for me and I’m so grateful for her expertise, professionalism and follow-through. She is such a talented woman, I drive by her old Denver studio a lot and think of her often. I would recommend her services over and over again.” -Katherine Conyers