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Spring Break Workshops are here!

Spring Break is upon us, and we have some workshops to offer tweens and teens!  The first is a felt flower crown workshop, bringing a touch of Swedish midsummer to Maui.

The second workshop is a beginner sewing workshop, to learn all about the sewing machine, along with basic skills to get started sewing!  After practicing their new skills, the students will make a simple sewing project to take home.

For more information and to sign up for classes, follow this link:  Spring Break Workshops

Mahalo to our models Cienna and Teela!


Time to bustle a wedding gown!  Every gown is different, and there are so many ways to go about it.

Why bustle a wedding dress?  To get the train off the ground for the reception so the bride can dance and no one will step on the gown.  This gown will have a 3-point English bustle on the outside of the dress.

Start with the lining.  The lining bustle will be separate from the lace overlay bustle.

A 1-point bustle for the lining, using a heavy-weight hook and button.

Then, for the lace overdress… a 3-point bustle.  Sew three buttons onto the right spots.

Then make three loops to match the buttons.  This photo shows the back side of the dress.  The loop is secured with an extra piece of netting and a flat button.

On the outside of the dress, you see the clear loop, with a small bead on it in order to help the bridesmaids find it easier.  My goodness, I need a manicure!  The hands of a dressmaker…!

Then, the loop goes over the button on the outside of the dress.

Voilà!  A bustle!  Now the bride can dance the night away!

Hand Harvested Wild Nettle

Sewing classes started in full force this week.  Saelyn, one of our teen students, is making a medieval costume.  His fabric is very unusual, and so we are sharing it today.  Thanks Saelyn!

It is hand harvested wild nettle… from the Kulung Rai tribe in Nepal.  Its botanical name is Girardinia diversifolia.  A collective of women picks the nettle, and cooks it in wood ash overnight.  Then it is soaked in white clay for a few weeks.  Then it is soaked in Himalayan crystal salts.  Finally it is hand-spun and hand-woven.


It’s going to make a very strong, woody sleeveless hooded tunic for Saelyn!